Rethinking the radio listening experience on mobile devices




Aupeo Personal Radio GmbH


Concept development, Information Architecture, Wireframes, Visual-Design, User-Testing


Personal Radio by AUPEO!® is an audio infotainment platform that delivers a mix of content customizable to your wishes. The team at IXDS was asked to redesign the whole User-Experience of the already existing mobile-app as well as to create an in-car application.


Together with Aupeo we developed the overall service offering and conceptual design of the iOS and Android version of the AUPEO! app. We’ve made sure the overall service appeals to a broad audience and correspondents well especially within the automobile context. We designed Information Architecture, Wireframes, Prototypes and conducted User-Tests. We went from an early stage prototype to the final implementation on both devices.


Personal Radio by AUPEO!® was released in January 2015 covering 20 brands including Ford, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Audi, BMW & Toyota and more to come. Personal Radio by AUPEO!®  won the innovation award at CES 2015.