How can we bring the sustainable development goals into the classroom?


Education Innovation Lab 


Futurium / Global Goals Curriculum


Concept development, Workshop Design, Product development, Facilitation


The Futurium, an exhibition house focused on future foresight in Berlin, approached the Education Innovation Lab with the question of how we could engage students to work on the sustainable development goals of the United Nations and develop ideas for the future. The aim was to develop a methodology and learning materials which could serve as the first prototype for longterm programs.


Based on the Design Thinking methodology we created a process in which the students discovered a Goal of the SDG’s in groups, gained insights through interviews, discussed their finding, envisioned new ideas and build a prototype of their solution. To facilitate this process we developed “Challenge-Toolkits” for the different topics like Migration, Sustainability and many more. This toolkit provided the students prompts to work within their group and further information according to their topic. The visual identity illustration was developed by Simon Kiepe from 10hoch16.


In May 2016 students from all over the world come together in Berlin to exchange ideas, research and develop ideas for the ecological, economic and social challenges of our time. In cooperation with the SV Bildungswerk and Ashoka Germany, the “Changemaker Jam” was presented at the “Global Goals Curriculum Conference” at the Evangelische Schule Berlin Zentrum.
The “Global Goals Changemaker Jam” enabled allows students to work on global issues and help them develop new ideas for a possible future. This process combines methods from design, innovation development, and futurology. This workshop format combines methods from design, innovation development, and future foresight. A total of 30 pupils from Germany, Belgium, Poland, and India took part in this workshop, as well as six coaches who supported the student teams in the implementation.