Building up an Innovation Lab in the education sector in Germany.


Education Innovation Lab 


Education Innovation Lab


Co-Founder, Strategy, Creative Direction, Teamlead,Concept development, Workshop Design, Product Development, Program development


The current transformation processes in our society pose great challenges to our education systems. In addition to different formats for acquiring knowledge, the development of new skills plays an important role. This skills include creativity, innovation, awareness of global relationships, communication, collaboration and the use of digital media and new technologies. In 2015 we founded the Education Innovation Lab, to create a place where we can explore new approaches of education to address this challenges and drive change within the system.


With the location at the Evangelical School Berlin Center (ESBZ) – one of the most innovative schools in the Germany – the we are right in the center of a new learning culture. Together with the teachers, students and experts we co-creatively develop new formats and learning materials. In order to achieve holistic and sustainable changes in the educational landscape, we work in three different fields of activity. In our “Think Tank”, we bring together various stakeholders and identify educational innovations. Building on new gained insights from the “Think Tank” we create new learning formats and materials our “Studio”. In order to spread new ideas and impulses we offer an academy program where we train teachers around the topic “new learning culture”. The interaction of these different fields of activity makes us an Education Innovation Lab.


In the last years the Education Innovation Lab successfull projects for e.g. in the field of self-directed learning, Digital Learning, Design Thinking and Future foresight, reaching over 7000+ students and hundreds of schools in Germany.
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