Rethinking digital learning approaches


Education Innovation Lab 


Montag Stiftung Jugend und Gesellschaft / Education Innovation Lab


User-Research, Workshop Design, Facilitation, Visual Design


Learning with digital media is still largely at the beginning in German schools. Often the opportunity is overlooked to radically rethink digitalization and to create learning environments in which students can actively shape their learning pathways and self-reliant implement them.
Together with the Montag Stiftung Jugend und Gesellschaft, the Education Innovation Lab initiated the project “Digitales Lernbüro”. The aim of the project was to examine the possibilities and challenges of using digital media in individualized learning formats.


Our team in the Education Innovation Lab team analyzed the specific contexts of the learning setup, identified practical challenges and developed a first digital prototype as a first approach to get insights during the research phase. The prototype was tested over a five-week period with a group of students and teachers within the school context. Qualitative interviews, observations and written feedback from the students provided insights into daily routines, potential fields of potential and challenges.


At the end of the research phase, we initiated a two-day Co-Creation-Workshop together with experts, students, and teachers to recap the learning from the research and to further develop and specify requirements for future of self-directed digital learning. The result was a Documentation which offers all insights and opportunity areas found.