How can we inspire and empower students to engage with complex future issues?


Education Innovation Lab 


Futurium gGmbh


Creative Direction, Teamlead, Concept development, Workshop Design, Product Development


Never before has the world changed as fast as it does today. Some things that were considered science fiction yesterday are already reality today. New technologies, genome editing or robotics are finding their way into our everyday lives. At the same time, we are confronted with the consequences of industrialization. Climate change, the disappearance of habitats and the extinction of species threaten the foundations of our existence. All these changes create uncertainty. Young people legitimately ask themselves the question: how will and how will I live in the future? School has the mission to prepare children and adolescents for their future life. Therefore, dealing with the future is important. The Future Boxes offer materials and concepts for this purpose.


Together with the future foresight scientists of the Futurium we evaluated different methodologies, trends, and approaches which are important for the designing of new future ideas. In a year-long co-creation process we then designed a curricular, learning materials, instructions and methods in collaboration with different schools to ensure a learning setup which is easy to adapt. We conducted user-testings with the first prototypes to refine our approaches.


The »Future Boxes« pick up the contents of the Futurium exhibition, which will open in 2019. Innovative methods from futurology and design thinking are part of the materials and the associated workshop concepts. A future box consists of different sets of cards that contain information and work materials as well as various instructions for using future methods. For teachers, a guideline has been developed for the use of the future boxes.