How can we help schools develop a sustainable learning culture?


Education Innovation Lab 


Hans Sauer Stiftung


Creative Direction, Teamlead, Concept development, Workshop Design, Product Development


On their way to the 21st century, schools are undergoing an extensive process of change. This goes hand in hand with the implementation of new learning and teaching approaches as well as the development of a new learning culture. However, many actors lack the inspiration and examples of what future learning can look like. The initiative “Schule mach sich …” of the Hans Sauer Foundation has set itself the goal of supporting schools in this process of change by providing tools for collaborative and participatory school development.


The “inspiration game” is based on a workshop design that we run with various schools to support them in transforming their learning culture. We took the basic principle of the workshop and together with gamification experts developed game mechanics and structure. During the design process we consulted teachers and school directors to get feedback and test the content.


The Inspiration Game consists of various playing cards – inspiration and process cards – that help teams of teachers create their own school development process. The inspiration cards present examples of innovative learning formats and give insights into the prerequisites they require and how they can be implemented in practice. The process maps provide a structured process that helps the teams to explore the potential of the inspirations gained for their respective contexts. The “Inspiration Game” can be played in two variants: a short version for players who have little time available, and a long version that is suitable for the design of extensive school development processes.