How can we support teacher and students in learning more self-directed?


Education Innovation Lab 


Education Innovation Lab


Workshop Design, Facilitation,
User-Research, Concept development,  Information Architecture,
Wireframes, User-Testing, Corporate Design


Self directed learning has become a major part of the school environment and will grow in importance over the next years. In this learning setup, the students are at the center of learning. They independently organize their learning according to their individual priorities and at their own pace of learning. To run self-directed learning the teachers need material which suits this new needs, but till now there are only a few publishers offering such material. Together with partner schools, the Education Innovation Lab took on the challenge of creating self-directed learning materials.


In the beginning, we set up a Co-Creation community across 15 schools in Germany and developed first prototypes together with experienced teachers and students in the field of self-directed learning. We used their already existing (mostly self made) materials as the basis to start from. With the outcomes of the co-creation community, we developed the concept, content strategy, structure and brand for the product called „Lernbausteine“. In a first step, we started a first rollout of the products across Germany and Austria. After the rollout of the analog version of the products we started an user research to explore how a digital version of the „Lernbausteine“ could look like.


Based on the newly gained insights we developed a first digital app prototype to learn from the behavior of the with students on a daily basis. During and after the rollout of the „Lernbausteine“ we also designed and run training with over 40 schools to get them to know the approach of self-directed learning and to make first experiences in the field. Till now we reached over 7000 students with our analog products while the digital-version is currently in the testing phase.